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Mental Health

Supporting Students with their Mental Health

Continuing to improve how we support students with their mental health is a priority for us.  During 2017/2018 we were able to get some staff trained in mental health first aid.  One of the challenges is that students may not always want to talk to staff (or indeed other adults) about their issues.

We have some ambitious plans for 2018/2019 to go further including;

  • Training student mental health ambassadors (training all students if possible)
    • Appoint a student champion for student welfare and wellbeing
    • Set up a mental health society to promote initiatives, run events etc
  • Extending our mobile phone ban to include social time to improve mental health
  • Provide additional CPD to staff on spotting early signs of mental health issues
  • Improved signposting between school and relevant health services.

We are committed to doing whatever we can to support students and their mental health (as much as current resources allow).  We will update this section the website as plans develop further.